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Voile Sheer Chiffon Fabric Draping 120'' by the yard

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Product Description

Silky soft finish High quality white sheer Fabric mostly used in soft furnishings.

Draping Panels and Wall covering for Weddings or Events White Chiffon Voile Roll.

It is a lightweight fabric and allows the air to pass through, providing comfort even on the most scorching day.

Due to its fine texture, voile fabric can also be used to line garments.
Colors are White Ivory or Black 

120" Wide x cut to the order  Draping Panels and Wallcovering for Weddings or Events White Chiffon Voile Roll.

Width: 118-120” Wide
Weight: Light Weight Sheer Fabric


Wash by hand in cold water, allow it to air dry hung on a hanger, iron on low heat, cover with a press cloth.


Sheer Voile Fabric can be used for Draping, Masking, Covering, Sheer Panels, Crafts, Event Panels, Backdrops, Apparel. We recommend use this fabric for pipe and drape large rooms or ballroom, you may tie it with a strap or attach to the wall with nail or pin, also you may use the fabric as repeat balance like a curtain, something like the picture you see. If you are trying to do some ceiling covering to cover the whole room, then you need to cut and attach 6 to 8 panels of fabric depends on the length of the salon.
Use the voile chiffon fabric a little pleaded or gather together to make a very nice look. Our voile fabric has a clean edge and it’s see-through.